Paleo Pancakes Trial

This morning I thought I’d have a nice treat for breakfast. I tried out planksloveandguacamoles recipe for pancakes (you can find this here).

I made a few changes (as usual because I don’t quite have the correct ingredients). I used the coconut milk which I always keep in my fridge rather than coconut cream. I also used vanilla bean paste rather than vanilla extract. It’s very easy to make as you basically drop everything into the food processor/bender – liquids first – and blend (I’m using my Vitamix).

photo 1

You leave the baking powder to work for 5 minutes before dropping the mix into a hot pan. I used butter as my cooking fat.

photo 2

I find that Paleo pancake recipes are a little harder to cook than “normal” pancakes and require a bit more patience prior to flipping as the mix can still be a bit runny. I’ve had a few disasters in the past trying to make pancakes out of just mashed bananas and eggs. This recipe makes those good old pancakes you remember from your pre-paleo days.

I served these with some sliced banana on the side. This recipe made 5 pancakes of this size. I kept them warm in a dish in the oven (on a low heat – around 60ºC) while cooking up batches. Yummy!

photo 4

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